Professionnal side

I have a Ph.D. in IT (2007) and I am a Télécom ParisTech engineer (2002). My fields of research are: automatic language processing (especially, statistical translation) and machine learning.

This section of my web site contains my resume, a list of my publications and a few pages on some work I did during before my Ph.D.

[Tie] My Curriculum Vitae.
[Book] My publications.
[PocketClock] An interactive online demo of a partially observable Markovian decision process. Pick and drop the robot in the maze, and watch it find its way!
[Mesh] A document analysis for my MS degree: parametrisation and smooth approximation of surface triangulations.
what?] A document analysis for my MS degree: substate tying with combined parameter training and reduction in an HMM.
[Notepad] A project for my MS degree: realisation, as a Matlab program, of a Principal Component Analysis of handwritten digits, prior to their recognition.