[mesh] Parametrization and smooth approximation of surface triangulations, document study

To conclude the ANS ("Algorithmique Numérique et Symbolique", or symbolic and numeric algorithms) courses at the LORIA, I had to study an article by Michael S. Floater entitled: Parametrization and smooth appromixation of surface triangulations.

Here is the abstract that introduces the document:

A method based on graph theory is investigated for creating global parametrizations for surface triangulations for the purpose of smooth surface fitting. The parametrizations, which are planar triangulations, are the solutions of linear systems based on convex combinations. A particular parametrization, called shape-preserving, is found to lead to visually smooth surface approximations.

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Michael S. Floater 's article

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My slides

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The (LaTeX) sources of my slides (use of Prosper, of pstricks and of Xfig figures that contain LaTeX-typeset text. Yeah ! :) ).