This is a bunch of pages on things that I (would) like to spend my time on.

[Cards] A summary of the French bidding system for that great card game: the bridge. Sorry, this page is only available in French.
[GNUstep] Several patches for WindowMaker (a very good window manager for X): a few bug fixes and most importantly my "drawers"!
[Radio] A list of online radios I listen to (mostly electronic music, and a few others).
[sokodan] Sokodan is a graphical solver of sokoban problems written using various open-source tools.
[Frontenac] I am the webmaster of the association Frontenac-Amériques, which promotes francophony and French America's history. This external website is in French.
[Feather] A document I wrote in the year 2000 about the never-ending (?) debate: innate Vs. learned. Sorry, this page is only available in French.
[Laptop] One laptop, several networks: the common problem of commuting between several network profiles.