[radio]A few online radios

On this page you 'll find a short list of online radios I know. The list is likely to evolve in the following days (and I would be pleased to add some good addresses you have), so stay tuned!

  • Soma FM. Not just one radio, but a dozen of them. Their main station, "Groove salad", plays some ambiant and chill out and is very enjoyable. What's more: it is legal and commercial free, as the listeners are invited to donate if they like what they hear.
  • Digitally Imported. Broadcasts mostly trance music under various forms (from some dubious "euro-trance" to some tastier "deep-house" or "trance goa"), as well as some quieter electronic musics, such as their "chillout" channel, and even non-electronic music (the classical channel "Mostly classical", the "salsa" channel, etc).
  • PowerShout. Broadcasts five stations, and especially one, "Progressive Goa/Psy", that features dark, groovy, stunning goa music.
  • Philosomatika. Trance goa!
  • Hallucinogenic. Some more goa music, but now restricted to paying members of Live365.
  • WCPE, a classical music channel. I seldom listen to it, I must confess, but it seemed to me more varied than DI's "Mostly classical". An Ogg Vorbis stream is available! (for those who care)

The following radios used to be on air and promise they will return. The last time I checked, though, there was nothing yet.

  • Chill Ambience. This was simply the radio I listened to most of the time. Too bad. It broadcasted some slow and pleasant electronic music.
  • Microdots. That was nice, let's see if they come back.
  • GoaBlaze. This was goa music, maybe slightly too underground for me, but enjoyable, still.